Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Unrest in the Middle East: What Does It Mean For The Nurses?

The recent unrest and protest across the middle eastern countries and few of the African countries has created shadows on professionals from all ranges. Most of the professionals were forced to leave the countries where the uprising and revolt happened due to major threat to the lives of these professionals and their beloved ones. Same is the case of the nurses who worked in the countries where the revolution took place and majority of them fled to their home countries due to fear of their life.

Nurses form the backbone of the health care sector of these countries and since they fled after the unrest started, the health care system of these countries came to a standstill. Some of the major countries that got affected by the lack of experienced nurses were Egypt, Tunisia and Libya. Now Syria and Yemen are also experiencing the same unrest and uprising which is prompting the nurses and other professionals to flee from these countries.

It is during the time of the unrest and clashes that the nurses are most wanted and when they disappear after the outbreak, it would be causing huge problems for the health care sector of that particular country. It is a known fact that none of us would be willing to work in a country where our life is in threat. So during the period of revolt and revolution these countries faced a huge shortage of skilled nurses and the demand for nurses increased to an overall high.

In some of these countries the revolt has ceased and things are coming back to normal and as a result the opportunities for the nurses have become bright once again. Law and order has been established in the countries where the revolt has ended and working of the hospitals have come to its normal ways. There are a lot of people suffering from the injuries that occurred during the period of unrest and epidemics have also broke out in these countries due to the unsystematic burial of corpses. So the demand for the nurses have risen again, but I am not pretty sure about the pay scale that they would be getting, as most of the countries have become financially weak after the revolt and civil war.

I have a lot of friends who have returned from these countries and they are not at all ready to go to such countries in the near future for pursuing their career. They would also never encourage their friends or relatives to work in these countries, on behalf of their personal experience. Most of the nurses are thinking of nursing in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany and other countries where they would be able to get a better pay package and an amazing life style. The major hurdle that stands in front, when it comes to working in the English speaking countries is the qualification of IELTS exam. Once you clear the IELTS exam, you would be able to apply for a nursing job in majority of the English speaking countries.

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