Saturday, December 17, 2011

Maternity Nurses : Helping Psychology Housewife During Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy and after childbirth (postpartum) is a normal physiological process for a woman. During pregnancy and postpartum,  might be changes both physically and psychology that need to be adapted by the mother or family members. Sometimes,  the physical and psychological that has been changes can not be adapted well and make a crisis on mothers and families. Maternity nurses is needed to solve the crisis. Physical changes occur in nearly all body systems in a pregnant or postpartum mothers is primarily concerned with the female reproductive system. As a result of these changes related to the various functions of the reproductive system must be adapted, including sexual function. Sexual is one of the basic human needs that must be met even though conditions in pregnancy and postpartum, both the mother and husband.  Empirical experience shows that the sex life is not fulfilled during pregnant and postpartum, especially if the pregnancy is experienced by an abnormality or disorder diagnosed, and the condition is usually aggravated by various myths believed by spouses or other family members related to sex during pregnancy or postpartum. Further impact of unfulfilled sexual needs in a partner is emergence of various cases of household violence eventhough conditions in pregnant or postpartum and finally divorced

Maternity nurses as part of health personnel have a major role to solve  this issue which is pregnancy, postpartum and couples of childbearing age are included in the scope of maternity nursing area. Nurses can help  increasing knowledge about sex partner of a healthy and safe during pregnancy and postpartum, teaching various techniques and strategies of sex, teach how to maintain healthy sexual organs to stay healthy while pregnant and postpartum. Women during pregnancy, can not do a variety of positions when having sex, especially if there is disturbance in pregnancy. As a husband, it would not hurt if you still wanna give satisfaction to your wife, although not able to use different positions, giving sexual activity by using a sex toys can also be done. Using a vibrator with Squirt vibrator or dildo, can be done to provide an enjoyable sex during pregnancy. If you wanna use a sex toy for your romance, you can buy it at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What jobs that you can do in the medical?

       So many profesion of medical job. Not only being a doctor, you can become a physician assistant, nurse, nurse practitioner, or pharmacist. Obviously that requires you to study harder and understand about health. The medical profession has always been the best job option. Because, you devoting your life for social activities to caring and helping people to heal illness. When the number of human population increases, demand for health is also increasing rapidly, so the acceptance work medical job is also increasing. What about nurses? You must have the education and registered nurse. Today many hospitals looking for nurses who already registered. Registered nurse jobs are the demands of professionalism in this work. In addition registered nurses, now  nurse practitioners also much needed. This is evidenced by the many nurse practitioner employment. If you want to become a nurse practitioner, you should follow some training, such as caring for children and provide guidance how to maintain health. When you are ready to choose a job, you have a choice of dozens of jobs available. Become a physician assistant is also one of job opportunities in the medical job. A doctor always needs an assistant to help him. Physician assistant employment could be an alternative choice in job opportunities. In here, you can provide first aid to patients under the supervision of a physician. If you have enough experience, it is possible for you to be someone who organizes all medical supplies and staff duties.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Unrest in the Middle East: What Does It Mean For The Nurses?

The recent unrest and protest across the middle eastern countries and few of the African countries has created shadows on professionals from all ranges. Most of the professionals were forced to leave the countries where the uprising and revolt happened due to major threat to the lives of these professionals and their beloved ones. Same is the case of the nurses who worked in the countries where the revolution took place and majority of them fled to their home countries due to fear of their life.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Typical Tasks Expected of a LPN in Hospital-Like Environments

There is a common misconception when it comes to doctors and nurses - while doctors might have the medical knowledge of the patients, the doctors rarely do all the little things like making sure the blood tests of a certain patient have been sent to the appropriate lab. This is where Licensed Practical Nurses come in - they perform some of the most vital tasks in any hospital like environment. It would be virtually impossible for the Licensed Practical Nurses to cover all the basis (or the doctors for that matter), and it is therefore a very important niche for the LPN to fill in the gaps.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Comfort and Convenience of Scrubs

Have you ever wondered why scrubs are getting popular nowadays, not only among medical practitioners but other allied workers as well? What do these clothes have that medical practitioners prefer to wear them in their workplace?

What is a scrub?

It is a type of clothing usually worn by medical personnel such as nurses, surgeons and other operating room personnel. This uniform consists of shirt and trousers and with simple designs to give the wearer comfort and convenience, for easy launder and for easy replacement once damaged.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Different Registered Nurse Jobs Available

There are a lot of job opportunities for nurses. In fact, they make up the largest population among health care professional groups. In hospitals, sixty percent of jobs are registered nurse jobs. Below is a list of common hospital jobs for this profession.

Education Requirements

Before you can apply for a RN job, you must first get the proper education and training. You can choose between the three training programs offered by different universities and colleges. You can opt for a four-year Bachelor in Science in Nursing degree, an accelerated BSN degree or a two-year associate degree. As soon as you finish your education, you can take the National Council Licensure Examination or NCLEX. Once you pass, you can apply for entry level registered nurse jobs.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Evolution of Nurse Uniforms

Have you ever wondered why nurses wear white uniforms? Who invented and practiced wearing white uniforms? This article presents an overview and history of nursing uniforms.


There is a dramatic transition and alteration of nurses' uniforms since its inception during the 19th century. From starched uniform, it evolved to comfortable unisex scrubs, but their styles are based according to the country where they worked, functionality and time period.

Before the 1800s, the uniform was based on the casual uniform worn by nuns and monks who took care of patients in military hospitals and churches. During those times, nursing was not considered a respectable profession until the evolution of Military Nursing during Crimean war. It was Florence Nightingale's contribution that paved the way for the creation of the Nightingale Training School for Nurses at Saint Thomas Hospital in London, England in 1860. It was also in this period that the first formal and recognized nursing uniform evolved.

The first uniform is a full-length gray dress with white aprons and it covered the entire body with only the hands and the face left uncovered. This type of clothing allowed them to treat patients effectively and maintain respectable appearance as well.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Alternatives in Nursing: Is It Time For You?

Many people, almost 3 million, have chosen to make nursing their career. Many of those people are satisfied with their choice, while others have run into large roadblocks. Nursing today has advanced so far that there are many routes to circumvent any roadblock that may arise.

We often use the word empowerment in nursing. How to empower nurses, patients and every person we encounter in life. It is high time that we take our words seriously. We must learn that with the proper effort, any goal is within our reach. We need to realize that many of the obstructions preventing our progress are often self-imposed. We need to break through these barriers to let the nurse in each of us go forth to make a positive influence in the world. An exceedingly lofty goal? I set my personal sights in life at a very high level! Truly, we all should aim high.